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What is Bundle Pricing?

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Business In A Box Bundles

Hardware, software, setup and training - all for one low monthly price!



Business in a Box is a unique pricing model recently introduced by Total e Integrated for the industry. Rather than trading tee times or paying an outrageous sum for a system, Business in a Box solutions are pre-configured software suites designed to run your entire operation. These solutions come ready-loaded with the expert functionality developed through two decades of industry-leading input from our clients. Our robust business in a box systems are at a reduced price because of our unique implementation methodology. Instead of implementing alone you will be implemented with other clients – allowing us to keep costs low and providing you the opportunity to learn and grow from other users. It’s a fantastic way to implement an amazing new system at a reduced price. Once your business in a box system is implemented, you are free to continue to add-on and build out your solution to make it the perfect system for your business.



Integrate with any of our other powerful modules to unleash the power of connecting your entire business with one solution

Tee Sheet

Our customizable tee sheet can be configured to meet the needs of any club


Retail Management

A retail solution that provides customer profile information at your fingertips


Food & Beverage

A robust food & beverage solution with POS, integrated events, and more


Member Management

Track data, create and send invoices, set privileges, and more


Lodging Management

Manage room bookings and tee times through the same system


CRM & Marketing

Real-time data capture and e-mail campaign capabilities integrated in


Web Solutions

Responsive websites, booking engines, web portals and more


Accounting Management

Seamlessly integrated MS Dynamics GP or push to other third-party platforms


Property Management

Track ownership, rentals, contacts, privileges, fees, and more at the property level


Event Management

From quotation to receiving payment, we make it easy to manage any event


Advanced Inventory

Special ordering and open-to-buy capabilities built in


Advanced Reporting

The most powerful advanced analytical reporting system on the market



  • Step One - Pick your plan or build your own
  • Step Two – Fill out the form
  • Step Three - Receive custom pricing proposal (if applicable)
  • Step Four - Receive your pre-configured order
  • Step Five - Join training and configuration sessions included in your bundle
  • Step Six - Start using your new Total e Integrated platform


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