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Since 2000, Total e Integrated has been known for developing innovative software solutions for the club management world. We purposely keep our client-base restricted to a select group of like-minded, innovative and successful organizations. This gives us the competitive advantage to constantly innovate and grow our platform. Our approach allows us to give each and every client’s unique requirements the right amount of attention. Our client’s range from under $1 million to over $100 Million as the platform and our services are flexible and scalable.

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The Total e Integrated suite of tools is designed to capture every data point about your customers you could possibly want. From their drink of choice and preferred day to transaction history, birthday and survey answers, the Total e Integrated system tracks it all and attaches that information to each of your customer contacts within the system. Want to start up an event on Tuesday's but don't know who to market to? With Total e Integrated you can segment your contacts and promote your event to those that typically eat at your restaurant on Tuesday nights. Total e Integrated provides you with the tools to become a marketing powerhouse!

Improve Operations with Recipe Builds & Inventory Management

Utilize Total e Integrated’s advanced inventory management tools to control costs and boost profits. With our recipe build tools, you can ensure that dishes are consistently great, and improve your cost forecasting capabilities. While most operators closely manage just alcohol and proteins, Total e Integrated provides the tools to manage inventory down to the slice of tomato. If your business is struggling to profit or having trouble accounting for lost inventory, Total e Integrated provides tools to alleviate these issues and optimize your restaurant’s operations.

Boost Profits with Integrated Targeted Marketing

Total e Integrated provides an all-in-one system, which means all data collected from each of your business departments will be tracked in a single database against each of your customers. Why is this important? The more effort spent on marketing to high probability prospects, the better your chances are of converting them to a customer. Stand-alone systems simply cannot determine your high-probability customer segments like an all-in-one can. With all this data tracked at the customer level, you can now generate highly targeted e-mail campaigns and send them straight from your Total e Integrated system or through our integration with Mail Chimp.

Less Clicks, More Service – Click Here To See The Point of Sale In Action

Foster employee adoption of the software and corporate initiatives by simplifying workflow and tasks. What takes multiple clicks in other software can be completed promptly in Total e Integrated - including splitting checks, moving tables, processing payments and more. By making the user experience more intuitive, your staff can spend time doing what really matters – providing amazing service.


Some Of Our Amazing Clients


¡Cuatro Restaurant & Bar

Modern restaurant, friendly neighborhood hub, and golfer’s retreat – ¡Cuatro blends its identities as seamlessly as it combines the four culinary heritages that influence every plate on the menu. It’s a place designed to bring people together. The inspiration for ¡Cuatro not only came from the word “Fore!” shouted across the TPC Tampa Bay golf course, but also from the four culinary influences Chefs Michael Toscano and Wes Morton bring from their own family tables: Mexican, Italian, Cajun and American home cooking. Together, they’ve created a seasonal menu of layered culinary traditions that celebrates curiosity, passion and Florida’s local ingredients. Unexpected flavors sizzle in classic dishes, like Chorizo Meatball Jambalaya and Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Chops with creamy polenta and peperonata – all expertly paired with thoughtfully chosen wines. Bring your friends, bring your family – bring the whole neighborhood – to try the many flavors of Cuatro!


Thyme Restaurant & Bar

Located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, this restaurant and bar is a great place to get good classic American cuisine and be entertained. The restaurant features several weekly food and drink specials and plays host to special events throughout the year.


MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille

"Over the hill at Haggin Oaks, it’s not so much that the food is overly exotic or unexpected at MacKenzie’s Bar and Grille (named for the golf course’s original architect, an old Scot named Alister). As the city’s No. 1 muni, its clientele is looking for a good, solid variety of fresh fare, and this step-up-and-order facility doesn’t disappoint. The breakfast sandwiches and omelets are outstanding, lunch specials have that homemade glow (check out all the local suits sneaking in for a bite and maybe a few practice putts outside the door), and the dinner hour gets its share of business, too. Proprietor Ken Morton and his family took this place up a notch five years ago, decorating its tables and walls with memorabilia from Haggin’s 75-year history; clearly they were a quick study when it came to dishing up diner-with-a-difference food, done well. The course’s amazingly rich story is chronicled on the walls and tables of MacKenzie’s through framed and lacquered newspaper clippings, photos, scorecards, ads — a treasure trove of artifacts that paint a detailed picture of how the golf business should be run."




Your entire Total e Integrated solution can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Table Setup

A customizable interface allows you to manage tables, customers and reservations easily.

Check Splitting

Allow staff to split checks quickly and easily by seat, table, item, and more.

Credit Cards

Process credit cards securely with various third-party credit card processors.

Dining Reservations

Allow customers to reserve a table online giving customers an amazing experience.


Fire orders to the kitchen by courses and ensure food arrives at the table when they're ready.

On-Account Charges

Allow customers to apply charges and tips to their account.

Event Point-of-Sale

Quickly turn your point-of-sale into an event terminal.


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